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Commodities Green Coffee Bean

Depending on the requirements of customers, the company produces different types of products. Products are produced from coffees (Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa) of normal or standard grade (Utz, 4C, RA) with processing method (dry or wet) and polishing method (dry or wet). ) depending on the supply needs of the customer. Therefore, the company’s products are very diverse and rich. The company’s main consumption markets are European and American countries.


Fine Green Coffee Bean for Roasting

The first requirement for harvesting coffee is to pick the right ripe ones. To have high-quality coffee, it is necessary to choose ripe red or medium-ripe berries, do not harvest green, deep, flat, and dry ripe fruits on the tree. A cup of top quality coffee is only created when the production material is from ripe coffee berries. The quality of the coffee is only fully realized when carefully harvested from the fruits that have reached full maturity on the tree.


Premium Roasted Coffee

We confidently affirm with the closed coffee production process in a value chain from “The Farm to the Finished Coffee Cups – From The Farm To The Cup” and with the “artisan roasters” in Our team has made Vietnamese coffee beans reach the best quality with its inherent qualities, to send taste-loving customers the best quality and traceable products clear.


Coffee Tour & Experiences

– Visit the coffee garden with different varieties.

– Talking with farmers, picking ripe red coffee berries with their own hands

– Learn about how to prepare coffee in the garden and learn about the drying yard system

– Conducted preliminary processing, fermentation and monitoring the change of coffee.

– Made to make Cascara tea from coffee pods.

– Visit the green coffee factory

– How to classify and remove defective coffee beans after preliminary processing and after roasting process

– Taste and identify a quality coffee

– Learn how to make

ca-phe-hoa-tan-RDVC Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

Espresso coffee is sublimated at minus 40 degrees Celsius to create ice crystals, which are then separated from the crystals. The remaining dry beans will have the shape of shaved ice, which is instant coffee. This method maximizes the original coffee flavor and makes a difference.